About Us

About Us

Intro SunwayTES

Sunway TES is a ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner for both Face-to-Face and Online Modes of delivery

SunTES Personalised Integrated Classroom (SPiC) is developed by Sunway-TES, a subsidiary of Sunway Education Group (Malaysia). Sunway-TES was founded in 1994 and has nurtured more than 424 ACCA World Prize Winners. It has been awarded the prestigious ACCA Platinum Award for 21 continuous years. As the leading Professional Accounting provider in the Asia Pacific, Sunway-TES has a world-class academic team, some with more than 30 years of teaching experience. Drawing from this pool of Subject Matter Experts, SPiC was developed and launched in 2018 to benefit ACCA students globally.

Since 2018, SunTES collaborated with learning providers worldwide by offering digital learning resources deployed via an Integrated Learning Management and Assessment Platform. SPiC has since supported 3640 students across 20 countries with digital content, live/recorded sessions and assessments support.

Now, you can enroll as an independent learner by registering as a student here or with one of our SunTES SPiC Global Partner nearest to you.

Awards and Achievements