1. Printable Study Guide
  2. Structured Session Plan – 13 weeks
  3. Understanding Checkers – based on Chapter’s LOs
  4. Embedded Active Videos

  • Webinars (5 sessions x 1.5 each)
  • Revision (3 days x 6 hours)

  • Chapter Assessments – self-assessment (auto-graded)
  • Progress Test – online (CBE format)
  • Mock Exam – online (CBE Format)
  • Learning Management System Support – analytics


  • Planned Session starts from first week of June (refer to Session Plans).
  • Weekly online study materials including videos, understanding checkers and chapter assessments will be made available to users at the *start of each week.
  • Students are advised to print out the Study Guide and access the videos via their mobile phones by scanning the AR codes.
  • The soft copy of Revision kit will available after the Mock Exams.

  • Students can view the Pre-recorded Revision Videos up to the September exam week.
  • Reports on students’ activities and performance in Chapter Assessments will be forwarded to ALPs once every fortnight.
  • Summary reports of Progress Test and Mock Exam Results will be released 7 days from date of submission.


USD55 for all components

Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG)

Performance Management (PM)

Taxation (TX-UK)

Financial Reporting (FR)

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Financial Management (FM)


USD60 for all components

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)


  • Registration is based on sign-up for each course (paper) and not for each user.
  • A user can sign up for a maximum of 3 papers and will be identified as having registered for 3 different courses.